Decoration Tips: 5 Ways To Make Your Home’s Interior Look New

Have you ever felt bored with the same house interior decoration? It could be because of the monotonous impression of the paint color of the room, to the appearance of the furniture that is getting worn out. If that’s what you feel, maybe it’s time you started “updating” new things on the appearance of the room where you live. At you can find various ideas to make the interior of your home more attractive!

How to? Some tips that you can try and apply:

1. Add two contrasting colors
To add a new look, you can play with different colors. In order not to seem excessive, simply choose two main colors and balance these colors in the interior of the house. For example, the use of green and blue colors. You can put green for carpets, vases for flowers. Then the blue color is focused on furniture such as sofa stands and pillows.

2. Changing the color of the sofa cushions and adding accessories such as blankets
As simple as adding colorful fabric elements such as a blanket on the sofa, it can give your room a new look. You can also change the pillowcase on the sofa with a new color. Bright colors such as red, yellow, green, could be the right idea as a focal point in the interior of the room.

3. Maximize color details in the free space on the shelves of cabinets and tables
It sounds trivial, but placing certain colors on the shelves of your wardrobes and tables, it is guaranteed to give a new view. For example, you can put bright colored flower vases, beautiful bowls, book containers, to decorations such as bottles. If the color selection is made uniform, the interior of your room will look like new.

4. Painting small furniture or home accessories
Want to experiment? Painting furniture and home accessories can be a fun idea! You can choose sculpture decorations, wooden chairs, small tables, and other selected furniture to be repainted in your favorite colors. Not only is it a fun activity, but the appearance of these colors will also give a new atmosphere to the appearance of your room.

5. Adding a new decoration to your wall
This is probably the most practical way to add a new color to the look of your room. If you have an empty room wall, try to find wall hangings such as paintings, fabrics, mirrors, as a new complement.

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