Benefits of Cold Brew Coffee for Health

So far, we often consume coffee brewed using hot water. By using hot water, the coffee will give off a strong aroma and the stored flavors can escape and dissolve in the water. Apart from using this processing method, coffee is also processed by cold brewing or using cold water. Brewing coffee using cold water will not only provide a delicious sensation. The bitterness of coffee is also slightly reduced. In addition, the best type of coffee for cold brew also has quite a number of health benefits as presented below.

Increase in metabolism
Coffee that is processed by cold brew has benefits to increase the body’s metabolism. From several studies conducted, the body’s metabolism will increase by up to 13 percent if you regularly consume coffee either processed with cold water or processed with hot water. This increase in metabolism can occur because coffee contains large amounts of caffeine. As long as it is consumed in the right amount, caffeine will help burn calories in the body every day. When drinking coffee, make sure not to use sugar or use a little so that the body does not have excess calories and disrupted weight loss.

Reducing the risk of heart disease
In cold brew coffee, there are quite a lot of useful components such as caffeine, magnesium, phenolic components, trigonelline, lignans, and quinides. This component can increase the sensitivity of insulin in the body. Insulin sensitivity will make it easier for the body to use glucose so that blood sugar is always stable and hypertension does not occur. Coffee also contains large amounts of antioxidants and can prevent inflammation in the body, especially blood vessels and the heart. Regularly consuming cold brew coffee can keep the heart healthy and problems such as heart attacks and strokes will not occur.

Improve bad mood
Some people have a habit of consuming coffee every morning before working or doing other activities. This is done because coffee seems to give a very big enthusiasm and improve mood. Some people who are initially not enthusiastic about work, will not be lazy after the body gets caffeine intake. From several studies conducted, consuming the right dose of coffee can reduce a person’s depression by up to 8 percent. Furthermore, from other studies, it is stated that consuming any type of coffee, whether cold brew or heat-processed, can improve mood by 17 percent.

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