Company Warehouse Inventory Control Strategy

For those of you who run retail, wholesale, manufacturing, or F&B business, you must be familiar with the term Inventory Control. Because it is one of the activities that must be done to optimize when utilizing company inventory. Also, inventory control will optimize company profits and get customer satisfaction. For inventory control to achieve all of these targets, of course, a good check this out inventory control strategy is needed. Running out of stock is one of the things every entrepreneur tries to avoid. Besides that, it will make customers disappointed, in the end, it will also make the company lose money. Because they fail to get turnover, especially if it runs for a long time.

In implementing this strategy, the minimum stock level can be determined by considering the average length of time the goods are sold and the length of time the supplier can deliver new goods. Some companies leave this to the procurement team to carry out regular stock monitoring. Others use an automatic system that warns when stocks have reached a minimum level. To overcome this, you can use a strategy of managing the minimum stock level for each item. Because when the stock reaches that level, you will immediately know it’s time to refill the stock. So that the new stock has arrived before the old stock is completely depleted. That way your company will not run out of stock. The second thing that entrepreneurs fear about inventories is that they break down or rot faster. Of course, that is very possible when the place or warehouse used to store does not match the character of the item. For example, the type of item that is not waterproof is stored in a very humid place and ends up being damaged more quickly.

That’s why the warehouse for storing inventory is also one of the less important inventory control strategies. The temperature of the storage area must be properly controlled, according to the needs of the goods. Storage shelves or cabinets also need to be checked regularly for potentially damaging animals such as termites. The pile of goods is also ensured not to exceed the limit so that it is not damaged due to overload.

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