Ronnie Long Is Wrongfully Imprisoned For 44 Years Due To Racial Injustice

A man who was jailed for 44 years for crimes he never committed was released from prison in North Carolina, United States on Sunday, August 30, 2020. A black man named Ronnie Long appeared to be wearing a three-piece suit, red tie, and hat. He looks out of prison with some of his belongings Sydney criminal defense lawyer near me. He raised his hands to the crowd and hugged his loved ones before speaking to reporters. He appeared to be wearing a mask that read ‘Free Ronnie Long’ and praised his supporters and loved ones for persistence in the long legal battle. Long, now 64, was accused of raping a white woman in 1976. On the other hand, if you also need a lawyer who can defend yourself from a wrongful accusation, we suggest you hire the most trusted criminal lawyer Sydney.

A white jury found Long guilty of rape and robbery in 1976 and sentenced him to life in prison. The charges were dropped after the state of North Carolina filed a motion in federal court. “Since Long was convicted, a drop of post-trial disclosures has found a disturbing and glaring pattern of deliberate police suppression of material evidence,” wrote Court Judge Stephanie Thacker.

The judge said the evidence of the semen and fingerprint samples from the crime scene did not match Long’s. “This was deliberately detained by law enforcement,” Thacker said in his file.

The dynamics of racial issues play a role. Long is accused of raping a 54-year-old white woman in Concord, North Carolina, on April 25, 1976. The woman reported and filed with the court that a perpetrator assaulted her at her home and fled.

About two weeks later, officers asked the woman to come into the courtroom and observe the people who had been there for another case to see if anything resembled her attacker.

The woman finally identified Ronnie Long, who was there on charges of trespassing.

“This case was heard by a white jury. Every witness to the prosecution was white, while every defense witness was black,” Long said.

Back in the 1970s in North Carolina, he was accused of the rape of the white widow of a prominent local business executive. Civil rights leaders and local officials welcomed Long’s release and called him a “symbol of injustice”.

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