Last winter 2017 XM has once again brought forex education to Morocco by visiting Marrakech on 6 December and Tangier on 9 December 2017, with a seminar entitled Introduction to Avramis Swing Trading Techniques. These two cities in Morocco are the last two destinations in a long series of forex trading seminars started in the fall of 2017 by XM in the MENA countries, and are just as successful as other seminars in terms of their interest in joining and their availability to learn about forex investment practice. In the meantime, if you want to know about trusted forex brokers in Morocco, we suggest you visit immediately.

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Professional instructor Habib Akiki, Senior Market Strategist at Tradepedia, caught the attention of visitors during his presentation on how the forex market works to help them get to the heart of forex fundamentals, such as market trends and price movements. After that, he explained the use of various technical analysis techniques that can be applied in swing trading, which can help online investors take advantage of market momentum and capture larger price movements, as well as the routine application of position sizes to reduce risk. Lastly, seminar participants can also find out why the Tradepedia tools introduced during the seminar have proven useful in swing trading. Using it, traders can identify market trends and reversals, as well as manage risk more efficiently.

In each city, the seminar ended with the XM Lucky Draw, where the winners were announced and, to them, the organizers congratulated them once again on the prizes won.

organizers thank everyone who joined the forex trading seminars in Marrakech and Tangier, and they look forward to getting back in touch with them when organizers return with educational events in the MENA region.

That’s it for the news regarding how well XM forex education in Morocco, and we hope XM and other trusted brokers can hold more events like this in the future, so more people in Morocco will be interested in forex trading.