There are many advantages to using professional carpet cleaning services like Green USA Cleaning Company. They apply the right washing method for your various types of carpets. To suction all the dust on the carpet surface, they use a dry mode vacuum machine. This method is very appropriate to suck up all the dust, dirt on the surface of your carpet. This is important to do so that when scrubbing with chemical or shampoo, dust and dirt are not rubbed off so that the stain becomes difficult to remove. The next process is the shampoo polishing process to remove stubborn dust and dirt that is on your carpet. This process can also soften the texture of your carpet that is crusty with dirt and dust. The shampoo we use also kills germs and removes dirt so that your carpet is clean again.

The next process is the process of removing shampoo or chemical using the wet vacuum method, this method is done to remove the remnants of shampoo that carries dirt so that your carpet is clean and dry quickly. This process is carried out using sophisticated and modern machines. The last process is the drying process in which the rugs we wash have a dryness level of around 90% so they need to be aerated so that your carpets are 100% dry. This process can be assisted by using a blower which will take 3 hours to 4 hours so that the carpet is completely dry 100%.

Why do you need to use a professional carpet cleaning service? A professional cleaner is your best carpet cleaning care solution, they are dedicated to developing companies in the cleaning service and housekeeping sectors. By using the carpet cleaning service, you will get a better solution for dirty carpet that is efficient for both time and money. With a professional workforce, they always screen their workforce before being recruited into their core team. They also implement a boast evaluation program to maintain the quality of their work, by making discipline as a culture and work ethic in their company.