A baitcasting reel is a fishing line reel designed for casting techniques. Casting is done by throwing and pulling the bait that is linked on the string repeatedly until it is eaten by the fish. For those of you who are a beginner angler casting technique, choosing the right and the best baitcasting reel under 50 is certainly not an easy matter. Many brands sell baitcasting reels at various prices. When you want to buy it at a fishing tackle shop, the shop assistant will probably explain technical things. This may even make you even more confused. To reduce your confusion, we’re going to share important tips on choosing your first baitcasting reel.

Select the handle of the string rollers that is on the side of your dominant hand. Unlike the spinning reel, the design of the baitcasting reel’s string winding handle cannot be changed. So, choose a baitcasting reel with the string winder handle on the side of the hand that will be used to operate the handle. Therefore, determine in advance which side of the hand will be used to operate the string winder handle. The string winding stubborn baitcasting reel on the side of your dominant hand if you want to pull the strings slowly. On the other hand, the position of the handle is not necessary if the strings can move on their own by wind or live bait such as worms. Based on the above, it is recommended that you choose a product with the handle on the side of your dominant hand.

Next, you also have to consider the weight of the fish bait. The most commonly sold and easiest to use baits are those weighing 10-14 grams. If you are not familiar with the weight of the bait, the fishing line inside the reel tends to get tangled easily. Therefore, practice throwing baits within that weight range until you become proficient. If you are using a bait that weighs more than 10 grams, the bait is usually made of tough material. With a feed weighing more than 10 grams, you can easily break (drag) the roller better. Therefore, also pay attention to the weight of the feed you want to use so you don’t choose the wrong baitcasting reel.