In making an anti-theft door, the point is that all doors must be made of strong material and will not break easily if you try to break them with normal force. That means if you want a strong wooden door, at least choose a door with a solid core like teak. You can also utilize metal or fiberglass. If you choose an iron door, make sure that it has interior reinforcement and a lock block. Reinforced steel doors are your best bet, but they also require extra care to prevent rust from appearing. Sadly, if your door components are rusted already, perhaps you need to hire The Modern Locksmith to replace them for you.

Then, adding a lock will provide extra security when you are at home. A deadlock sometimes referred to as a ‘special exit deadbolt’ is a deadbolt that has no lock. This may be visible on the door when viewed from the outside, but this lock cannot be broken without destroying the door, door frame, or the lock itself. While this type of security won’t help you outright when you’re not at home, these locks are very easy to spot and even thieves will think twice about trying to break them.

Furthermore, the window that was near the door could allow light to enter the area around the dead end. However, this is very risky for the security of your home. When the window is within your reach of reaching the lock of the door, it will be easier to break the window and open the door of your residence from the inside. If you do install a new door, then choose one without a window or one that is far from the window. If you already have doors that have windows or like doors that have windows, then you should be able to take some additional security steps, for example by making anti-theft windows.

Finally, replace the strike plate that is already brittle. This component is an iron plate that surrounds the door lock (the hole in the door where the key is located). All exterior doors must have a strong strike plate iron guard that is fixed with 4 bolts of 7.6 cm long.